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Offer for group organisers


Gwarek – Holiday and Rehabilitation Resort is:


Registered in the official Rejestr Organizatorów Turnusów Rehabilitacyjnych (Registry of Rehabilitation Stays Organisers), registration number OR/32/0030/10

Registered in the official Rejestr Ośrodków number OD/32/0017/11,

this registration permits us to handle organised groups for long rehabilitation stays.

We specialise in organisation of rehabilitation stays.

We provide 2 treatments a day and 24h medical care during rehabilitation stay.

Our treatment centre is offering very wide variety of different medical and rehabilitation treatments.


We are entitled to organise improvement-rehabilitation stays for groups of handicapped people such as those:

with motion organs disorders, also those on wheelchairs,

with mental retardation,

with mental disorders,

with epilepsy,

with circulatory system disorders,

with respiratory system disorders,

with diabetes,

with neurological disorders,

with stutter problems,

women after mastectomy,

with allergies,

with autism,

with celiac disease,

with dermatological diseases,

with metabolic diseases,

with reumatic diseases,

with haematological diseases,

with digestive diseases,

with genitourinary tract diseases,

with diseases that require an elimination diet,

with Alzheimer's disease,

with Parkinson's disease,

with phenyloketonuria,

with cerebral palsy,

with haemophilia,

with MPS,

with hypothyroidism,

with chronic pancreatitis,

with chronic liver diseases,

with split lips and palate,

with genetic defects,

with posture disorders,

with depressive disorders,

with voice and speech disorder,

with neurotic disorders,

with psycho-organic disorders,

with Downs syndrome,

with Marfan syndrome,

with endocrine organs diseases,

with ENT diseases,

with oncological diseases,

with rheumatic diseases,

with scoliosis,

requiring a rehabilitation stay: improvement and leisure.



For more information about attractive prices and conditions on group rehabilitation stays please contact us personall.


Holiday and Rehabilitation Resort in Międzywodzie

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  • Phone (91) 852 23 43
  • (91) 88 69 394

  • We strongly recommend this resort. Holidays here are pure pleasure, nice personnel, equipped according to the description.
    Maria and Kazimierz

  • We had a chance to stay at this resort and we were very pleased. Surely we will come back many times.
    Sławek and Magda

  • Design and service exceeded our wildest expectations. Great localisation of the resort really helps you enjoy your stay.
    Tomek with his family